No Foreign Oil


EVERY DAY: The USA Buys 11 Million Barrels of FOREIGN OIL at a
COST of: American "Treasure," $1 Billion/day & 3-5 Million American Jobs


“spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars every year for oil, much of it from the Middle East, is just about the single stupidest thing that modern society could possibly do.  It’s very difficult to think of anything more idiotic than that.” ~ R. James Woolsey, Jr., former Director of the CIA

Price of Addiction
to Foreign Oil

According to R. James Woolsey, for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, “The basic insight is to realize that global warming, the geopolitics of oil, and warfare in the Persian Gulf are not separate problems — they are aspects of a single problem, the West’s dependence on oil.”

No Foreign Oil

USA has MORE OIL than ALL Middle East / OPEC 
muslim Countries COMBINED

Foreign Oil
is responsible for a significant number of problems facing the USA and the Renewable Energy Institute wants to see either an immediate end to importing foreign oil (except from Canada).

The American Energy Plan
sm Provides, within 10 Years:

* No Foreign Oil
* 4-5 Million New Jobs
* Sustainable Energy Future
* American Energy Independence
* Abolishing the Department of Energy
* Transitioning Away from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy
* Keeping the > $500 billion in the U.S. every year that we now send 
to foreign countries to buy the oil the USA needs

No Foreign Oil!

Domestic Oil & Gas  *  Drill Baby Drill  Enhanced Oil Recovery  Net Zero Energy  Upstream Oil and Gas






Why does America continue supporting OPEC, an ILLEGAL monopoly and price-fixing "cartel"? 

Why does America buy oil from ANY of America's enemies or from ANY country that does not like us? Especially when America has more oil than all of the middle-east countries combined!

"America's Dependence on "Dirty Oil" (oil from OPEC and other Muslim/middle-east countries) and our "Wealth Transfer" of $500 billion EVERY YEAR to Foreign Countries to Buy the Oil America Needs.....  Even Though America Has More Oil than ALL of the OPEC / middle-east countries combined, is a 'Clear and Present Danger.'"

The United States will recover more than 300 Billion Barrels of Oil through
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies according to the Department of Energy.

In the next 10-15 years, 50% of the oil produced in the USA
will be through Enhanced Oil Recovery technologies.
And 50% of this amount will be produced by CO2-EOR.

The Enhanced Oil Recovery industry represents a $27 Trillion market,
(in the USA) with oil priced at $90 per barrel.


The Fastest Path Forward to a Renewable Energy Future - is to Stop Buying Foreign Oil and Produce America's own Energy Resources that we need here in the USA.  America has NO CHOICE Except to "Drill Baby Drill" While America Transitions to American Energy Independence and a Renewable Energy Economy.



Net Zero Energy Market to Become $1.3 Trillion/year Industry by 2035

Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - What About The Buildings Already Standing?



American Energy Plan sm

3-5 million new jobs
Fuel Savings of > $1.50/gallon
American Energy Independence
Ends the worst economic depression of all time


Support America's Domestic Oil and Gas resources and companies




"The Future of Energy is 'Net Zero Energy'"






Drill Baby Drill for:

We need to make the transition away from fossil fuels so that the USA generates ALL of its power and energy from AMERICAN energy resources! That will end many wars and save lives. The first step toward a renewable energy future is to IMMEDIATELY end the purchases of ALL foreign oil and to produce and consume ONLY American oil! This will provide for as many as 5 million new AMERICAN jobs and secure American Energy Independence. In addition, we keep the $ 1/2 Trillion dollars in America that we now send to OPEC and foreign countries each year to buy the oil America needs. And most importantly, to save the lives of America's brave soldiers, sailors and airmen fighting & dying for muslim oil.


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No Foreign Oil

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